This page contains information about the schools, youth organisations, churches and others who are supporting the Mudzini Kwetu Centre.  

    Secondary Schools:
    Risca Community Comprehensive School, Caerphilly
    This secondary school has been actively involved with Cariad Kenya and Mudzini Kwetu Centre for a long time. When there have been visits from children from the home and staff of Bahari Parents Academy, the school has welcomed them into their school. Some of the Kenyan children have spent time in lessons and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
    Often, the Risca school would hold a Christmas Fete as part of various events to raise funds. This video, using photographs, shows how the pupils and staff are enjoying themselves.

    Glan Usk Primary School, Newport
    Cariad Kenya had the privilege of being the first organisation to be invited to this school when it moved to a new school site from old school buildings.
    Cariad Kenya was part of a Workshop Day when the pupils would sample Kenyan food, look at Kenyan artefacts, find out about the Kenyan culture - and take an imaginary flight to Mombasa and the village of Kikambala! It has become an annual event. 
    Here are some of the observations from the pupils about that day.  
    I liked tasting the food because I had never tasted ugali before and I didn't know it is a food Kenyans eat every day. Connor
    I found it interesting that some of the things we tasted (chapatis and Chai) come from an Asian influence. We also learned that you need a visa to get into the country. Niall
    I enjoyed the food tasting because I found it fun looking at the different ingredients. I would like to try more Kenyan recipes. We are going to have a cake sale to raise money for Cariad Kenya. I also learned about how they rely on the weather for their crops like maize and fruit to grow. Niamh
    Our Kenyan topic 'Entry Point' was fabulous! It gave us a massive, helpful push into our topic. I know so many facts already, such as, there are big contrasts between rich and poor people's lives. Ethan
    I would like to find out more about Kenya's landscapes and famous landmarks. I would also like to find out about Kenya's mountains. We saw some photos of schools. In one there were 100 children in the same class! Lucy
    I learned that the capital city is called Nairobi. I learned where Kenya is in Africa and about some landmarks like Mount Kenya. The beach at Mombasa looked beautiful. Anika 

    Small but BIG-hearted
    are many people in a variety of churches who have given a lot of time and effort in supporting the work at the Mudzini home. Some churches have small numbers attending but their continued generosity means that the children at the home will continue to develop into young people with a future.
    In this video, try and pronounce some of the place names from the South Wales valleys - Blaenavon, Abertysswg, Manmoel, Waunarlwyd - to name but a few!