NEWSLETTERS                                                  "Diamonds fashioned for His Service."

    To give our supporters information about the events and people at Mudzini, Newsletters are provided for them. Here are some of the Newsletters we have sent in the last few years. They use information from the Mudzini home and some activities from supporters in the UK.

    NEW  Cariad Kenya News Letter Spring 2015.pdf

    What We Are Doing; Bundles of Joy; Other Bigger Bundles of Joy; The Academics; Challenges
    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Autumn 2014.pdf
    Messages from Staff and Children of Mudzini and from Cariad Kenya workers
    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Spring 2014.pdf
    Snapshots - New School; Jeuri Community; News of Children; News of Staff
    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Autumn 2013.pdf Contents:
    Education; Holidays; Wales/Africa; IF Campaign; Shamba/Farm; Clothes; Cariad Kenya
    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Spring 2013.pdfContents:
    Young children; Older Girls; Staff; Other News; Children's Help
    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Autumn 2012.pdf Contents:
    New children; School; Holiday Club; Dr Said; Sustainability; Award; Security
    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Spring 2012.pdf Contents:
    Challenges of - A New Primary School, High School, After School; Changes
    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Nov 2011.pdf Contents:
    Baby Boom; Girls; Holiday Club; Friends of Bedwas; Staff; Fish Pond/School Land 
    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Spring 2011.pdf Contents:
    Celebrating Ten Years in Partnership with Kenya
    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Autumn 2010 .pdf Contents:
    Exchange Visits; August Holidays; Comments from the Children; Buildings; Further Needs; Fish Farm Project

    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Spring 2010.pdf Contents:
    About the Children; About the Fish Pond; About Buildings; About the Community
    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Summer 2009.pdf Contents:
    Well Done!; Cariad Kenya Trustee Visit; Bahari Visit to Wales; Anthony in UK

    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Spring 2009.pdf Contents:
    News of the Children; Community Support - Water/Clothes/Food/Welfare; New People; Children's Council; Fish Pond; School Exchange

    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Oct 2008 .pdf Contents:
    The Village; Water and Latrine; House and Shamba; Girls; Holiday Club; Justice

    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Sept 2007.pdf Contents:
    Children; Justice; Summer Club; Developments; Future Plans

    Cariad Kenya Newsletter Sept 2006.pdf Contents:
    Girls; Mudzini Kwetu Home; Workers; Concerns

    Cariad Kenya Leaflet.pdf Contents:
    Early General Information