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    Posted by Steffie Nieskens on 05/08/2015   Email

    hi cariad Kenya, what a beautiful project you have set up, last year i've visit mudzini as well with my school, and from the beginning i felt in love with this place. i would love to go back some time !! i like the videos on youre paige and i look them often. love to you all! xx Steffie

    Posted by Sandie Baker on 21/10/2014   Email

    I received the latest newsletter today and thought it was a lovely idea to send 'postcards'. However it is so sad that the situation in Kenya has stopped people visiting. Well done to the 'older' girls for organising the Bible Club in Papa and Mama's absence, you did them proud. It is good to hear that the girls are still happy, contented and doing so well. I wish with all my heart for their continued well-being and a swift end to all the uncertainties! Love to you all, Sandie xx

    Posted by paul otengo on 10/10/2013

    May God bless you so much for being a blessing to the young girls

    Posted by liz macdonald on 03/10/2013   Email

    This is a wonderful website , and what wonderful work is being done by your charity. It is lovely to see the videos of the happy smiling faces. Keep up the good work!

    Posted by Deborah Chiganze on 16/07/2013

    Love never fails. Cariad Kenya and its work at Mudzini Kwetu is an example of this. May the hearts that continue to pour love into the children be rewarded abundantly.

    Posted by maurine on 15/07/2013

    This is just so inspiring, visited the home recently and loved the place. those little girls are just amazing Maurine

    Posted by harrison kamau on 18/11/2012   Email

    its good to give hope on the hopeless one thier is nothing so pressure than to help the needs one God bless u guy and may he give strangth to those how are helping muzdini kwetu i love u guys its me harrison kamau one of your product God bless u

    Posted by David Marsh on 22/08/2012   Email

    Supporting all those who know that justice is important to society and its people from us all at Thank you.

    Posted by Lee Moses on 10/08/2012

    I am one of the lucky ones who have visited Mudzini kwetu centre and WOW it was amazing, I loved every miniute of it. There is a lot of people who have put a lot of work into this international partnership, but i would like to thank 1 person and that is Mr Stephens who tote me at bedwas some years ago(best times of my life) and May i say a big thank you for getting me intrested into all of this.

    Posted by Sandie Baker on 10/07/2012   Email

    During May I lived at Mudzine for 25 days. My time was spent playing with the little ones, helping the girls with their homework and working alongside the housemothers. My priority was to pass on information and skills that are vital when looking after small babies such as the importance of good hand washing and making up formula feeds correctly. I showed the housemothers how they could use play and the girls' natural curiosity to help them learn about the world around them to augment their learning and prepare them for school. It was an honour to work alongside such dedicated staff and a pleasure to spend so much time with the girls, they are remarkbale young ladies! I look forward to returning as soon as possible as I miss them all so much.

    Posted by Dave and Jenny Mewes on 18/04/2012

    The website is great! Thanks for all the info. May God continue to bless you and those involved, whether in Wales or Kenya. with love, Dave and Jenny

    Posted by Ela Hopkins on 29/03/2012

    Me and my friend Harriet aged 11 and 12 sponcered you by doing a 1 mile run round our village in south Wales- Newport. We raised £50 and gave it to our school (bassaleg comprehensive) because bassaleg ate supporting you. We thing you are a great charity and next year are hoping to raise some more money.

    Posted by JOY THOMAS on 26/03/2012

    its wonderful to see God has worked has worked through Cardian Kenya since 2001 and seeing the differnce in the gilrs lives = May God bless you both for the future

    Posted by May Sweet on 25/03/2012   Email

    Hi Geriant and Margaret Lovely site, keep up the good work. It's so nice to see how the home is progressing, and it's good to know how well the girls are doing in their education. See you soon. Love May and Graham