"And I will teach you the way that is good and right."

    Bedwas High School in the Caerphilly Borough, South Wales, has played an important role in supporting the Mudzini Kwetu Centre.
    In 2001, the pupils were shown a video of children singing in a home for neglected children in Mombasa. They wanted to do something to help, so a concert was organized to raise some finances. The amount raised was presented to Geraint Stephens who sent it, with other groups' donations, to Anthony Mulongo to help him look after a few children in a new home. Bedwas High School have been raising finances ever since for Cariad Kenya to support the Mudzini Kwetu Centre.

    Staff and children wanted to be more involved and as part of Global Awareness in the curriculum an application was made to the British Council Department for International Development for a grant. This grant enabled a link with Bahari Parents Academy in Mtwapa, the school attended by the children at Mudzini. Teachers from both schools had reciprocal visits to develop shared curriculum initiatives. Pupils from both schools also were able to visit to get an understanding of the cultures of both Wales and Kenya. It was extremely generous of Bahari Parents Academy to select girls from Mudzini Kwetu to represent them in the three exchanges.

    Pupils in both schools began corresponding with each other through letter writing on a set theme. These letters were eagerly received and friendships were set up. Those pupils who were privileged to visit Bahari agree the experience was challenging and rewarding.

    Although the grant linked the two schools, the Mudzini home was central to the visits to Kenya. Here are Bedwas High School's accounts of their visits to Bahari Parents Academy, Mudzini Kwetu Centre, support for Cariad Kenya, and the experiences of the Kenyan visitors to Wales.

    When this project was completed, another grant was obtained from the Welsh Assembly. It is enabling Bedwas to continue making links with the Mudzini home, the community around Kikambala in the Kilifi District and communities in South Wales.

    Bedwas High-lights
    Bedwas Bahari Spring 2006a.pdf  and Bedwas Bahari Spring 2006b.pdf Contents:
    Bedwas High is a Global School and Bedwas Makes Poverty History
    Bedwas Bahari Summer 2006.pdf Contents:
    Miss Olive Visits Bedwas
    Bedwas Bahari Autumn 2006a.pdf Contents:
    Bahari Global Links
    Bedwas Bahari Autumn 2006b.pdf Contents:
    Our Weekend at Mudzini Kwetu Centre

    Bedwas Bahari Autumn 2006c.pdf and Bedwas Bahari Autumn 2006d.pdf Contents:
    Our Week at Bahari Parents Academy and Photographs
    Bedwas Bahari Winter 2007a.pdf Contents:
    Global Links with Kenya; Curriculum Areas

    Bedwas Bahari Winter 2007b.pdf and Bedwas Bahari Winter 2007c.pdf Contents:
    Bedwas High School returns to Bahari and Photographs
    Bedwas Bahari Winter 2007d.pdf Contents:
    British Council; Roadshow on Africa; Cariad Kenya
    Bedwas Bahari Winter 2008a.pdf and Bedwas Bahari Winter 2008b.pdf Contents:
    Bahari Headteacher visits Bedwas and Photographs
    Bedwas Bahari Winter 2008c.pdf Contents:
    Cariad Kenya Concert

    Bedwas Mudzini Autumn 2010.pdf Contents:
    Trip of a Lifetime

    Bedwas Mudzini Autumn 2011.pdf Contents:
    International Partnerships