CARIAD KENYA background              "Love is something if you give it away, you end up having more."

    A REMARKABLE STORY (Video below)

    Cariad Kenya is a charity that has its base in South Wales, UK. Although the majority of supporters live around that area, the charity has an interest from people as far afield as Aberdeen, Newcastle, Liverpool, London, Bristol and the West Country.
    The name 'cariad' is the Welsh name for 'love' and when deciding on our charity name it seemed appropriate to use this Welsh word as a symbol of our bond with those associated with the Mudzini Kwetu Centre.
    As a Charity, we are so grateful to the many schools, organisations, youth groups, churches and individuals who are helping us to help those in need in the Kilifi area.
    Cariad Kenya belongs to the Wales International Development Hub and is a part of the Wales Africa Community Links which works with the Welsh Centre for International Affairs. We have been able to network with other Wales Africa Links to learn from them and to exchange ideas. Grants have been obtained from these organisations and, with the help of the charity 'Friends of Bedwas', links between the communities of South Wales and Kikambala have been established.

    Here is a short video to show how Cariad Kenya has played an important part in the birth, growth and life of the Mudzini Kwetu Centre. We are very privileged in working with Anthony Mulongo, the staff and children at Mudzini, and the community around the Kikamabala village.